Fondazione Housing Sociale and Programma Housing della Compagnia di San Paolo - LABINS - SiTI have designed and conducted a series of workshops entitled 'SH-LAB Social Housing Laboratory, tools for social management', involving the most important players on the national scene, both Sgrs and social managers, involved in the construction of social housing projects, particularly in the context of those financed by the FIA. 

The Laboratory has followed a co-construction path for the social manager profile and tools, with the aim of defining a common framework within which to operate, both in relation to long-term and temporary leases. 
The project was promoted and supported by CDP Immobiliare Società di Gestione del Risparmio S.p.A. and the main issues that emerged and were shared by the involved group of operators were collected in the SH_LAB_doc document which is published here. 

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Tools for social housing planning

Fondazione Housing Sociale has published a book providing designers with guidelines for transforming accommodation design into a project that takes into account contemporary daily lifestyles. The book offers a set of technical and design instructions for the development of a social housing project that meets domestic space quality requirements, without ignoring the need to contain construction costs. These are both primary needs which demand a set of fundamental rules are followed in the design of domestic space. The book is the result of findings from professors, investors, fund managers and tenants who have participated in social housing projects.

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The 10,000 Project: design models and construction systems for social housing

CDP Immobiliare Società di Gestione del Risparmio S.p.A., in collaboration with InvestiRE Sgr Sgr and Fondazione Housing Sociale, promoted and financed the 10,000 Project research and development project aimed at identifying and disseminating design models and construction systems to optimise, under various profiles, the construction of social housing projects from scratch. The results of this work, which lasted more than a year, were collected in the guidelines intended to accompany clients in their dialogue and relationship with designers and companies working on the project.
The 10,000 Project is an open source project, both in the sense that it is available to all those who can make use of it, and in the sense that its contents can be assessed over time and updated by the real life experiences that come from its application.
The guidelines and related attachments can be downloaded in this section. For detailed technical specification sheets concerning architectural, structural and plant engineering documents, write to:

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10,000 Attachments