The corporate bodies of CDPI Sgr are:  

Board of Directors

  • Chairman: Raffaele Ranucci
  • Chief Executive Officer: Marco Doglio
  • Board of Directors: Alessandra Ferone, Caterina Miscia, Giorgio Righetti

Board of Auditors

  • Chairman: Alessandro Portolano
  • Permanent Standing Auditors: Giorgio Del Bianco, Paola Vuch
  • Substitute Auditors: Alessia Rado, Piero Giacomello

Management Team

  • Chief Financial Officer: Emiliano Ranati
  • CEO Office & Business Projects: Alessandra Susanna
  • FIA and FNAS Investment Department Manager: Maria Francesca Silva
  • FIV Department Manager: Simone Di Gennaro 
  • FIT Department Manager: Marco Doglio (a.i.)
  • Valuation Department Manager: Claudio Scuteri

Other functions

  • Corporate Affairs Department Manager: Gabriele Pagnotta
  • Legal Department Manager: Roberto Mangani
  • Administration, Planning and Audit Department Manager: Filippo Catena
  • Human Resources, Organisation and Logistics Department Manager: Andrea Carletto
  • Chief Risk Officer: Andrea Franconi
  • Head of Risk Management Service: Francesco Pepe
  • Compliance and Anti-Laundering Department Manager: Roberta Valori
  • Internal Audit Department Manager: Serena Zuzolo
  • ICT & Logistic Manager: Paolo Zaccagnini

The Company has a Supervisory Body for application of and compliance with the Organisational, Management and Control Model adopted by the same, pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001.